Monday, 4 July 2011

Roast lamb Saturday

Kitchen Stadium has moved — about 20 m south, 20 m west, and 12 m vertically upwards.

But, just as important as these changes in x, y, and z, is the new infrastructure — an oven.

Finally. No more bizarre attempts to recreate oven cookery without the oven. Well, not quite no more. Just one more, actually. This story has hung around, on the back burner, waiting for quiet time to be finished. A swansong to the old regime ...

One Saturday morning in Autumn, I woke thinking “Hmmm. Must eat roast lamb. Soon”. (Well, I’m a bloke, whaddaya reckon? Deep as a tea spoon. Eat. Sleep. Drink — that just about covers it, really).

So, off to the Pyrmont Growers Market, and armed myself with a good-looking Cootamundra butterflied lamb leg from the people at the Jelm stall.

Home. Cook.

I seasoned it with garlic and rosemary before rolling it into a neat little roast.

The stovetop oven doesn’t brown well, so into a pan first, then the camp oven.

The result was lovely tender, slightly pink lamb. Teamed with roast Nicola spuds and onions, peas, and Darling Mills cress. Add shiraz for a perfect Saturday night in!