Friday, 6 April 2012

Summer's bounty

Late summer is a wonderful time for fresh produce – tomatoes, grapes, figs, apples – all the wonders of summer are at their best as summer rolls into autumn.

This summer has been odd, largely missing in action. Everyone knows that the weather patterns have been deranged by a CIA plot. They are testing a death ray in the skies over southeast Oz.

What we are getting of summer is now, finally, here at Easter time. So summer produce has been little and late.

I returned from Canberra last weekend with wonderful backyard produce from friends – eggs and tomatoes from Helen and Sean, and heady fresh basil; from Ali. Thank you all!

So, tonight, I made one of my favourite summer dishes – spaghetti al estate. Summer spaghetti. It’s so simple, capturing the natural flavour combination of really ripe tomatoes and basil. Peel and chop a few tomatoes, add some garlic, olives, capers, and basil, and let it sit and think for a few hours.

Serve over hot spaghetti. No need to cook! Light, delicious, and a touch of summer in a bowl.