Sunday, 30 September 2012

What to do with a leek ...

Professional Welshman and friends gooning with leeks on St David's day (1st March).

The greengrocer in my office block shops had leeks on special. Cheap. Not huge, but young and tender. I bought heaps. Then thought about what to do with them.

Your leek is a venerable veg, well-regarded in Mediaeval times.

The symbol of Wales, natch. So even the Welsh Guards regiment have a leek badge on their dress uniform. And, of course, the patron saint of Wales is Saint David, so I feel an immediate affinity with them.

The French, in their foppish manner, call them Poireaux.


But these are not to be confused with the Belgian Poirot, which is different ...

Leeks need to be washed very thoroughly they can be full of fine sand. Mine were no exception. I sliced them fnely and slowly sauteed them in some oil and butter. Then into a blind-baked pastry case with an egg, some grated cheese, and plenty of black pepper. Baked until golden brown, it was a delicious leek tart. With a salad, a great meal.

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